Wooden Shutters in Enfield


Looking to remodel a room in your home, and need something different for the windows? You can go for curtains or blinds, but why not try shutters in Enfield? They’re something that a lot of homeowners are looking at right now, so let’s see why they’re right for your home.


Why Buy Shutters In Enfield?

There’s a whole range of benefits to having interior shutters installed on your windows. Why would you choose to go with these options, rather than traditional curtains?

Make a real style statement: There’s no denying that shutters just look good on your home. They have a clean look to them, so your remodelled room will have the perfect finishing touch.

What’s great about shutters is that they’re so versatile. You can go with a more classic or modern look, depending on your own tastes. It makes it very easy to decorate around them, and they’ll blend in no matter what look you’re going for.

Easy to clean: Who wants to be wrestling the curtains off the rail to wash them, or dusting off individual blinds? It’s a hassle, and no one has time for it. That’s why shutters in Enfield are becoming more popular. A quick sweep with a duster or a cloth, and they’re good to go.

It’s good news for those who need to keep things clean for allergy reasons, or just hate the idea of washing curtains. You can so easily clean them, and go back to enjoying them in your home.

Adjust your privacy levels: What’s great about shutters is that you can adjust them to the level of privacy that you’d like, without having to block light out. Slant the slats to let the light in, but keep your privacy in your front room. At night, simply shut the slats to keep any outdoor light out.

They offer you options that you can’t get with nets and voiles, as you can still keep your privacy even with the lights on in the room. It makes them a popular option for home owners whose front rooms face the street, for example.

Custom made: One of the best things about our shutters in Enfield is that they’re all custom made, just for your home. That means no one will have shutters quite like yours. If you want something that no one else on your street will have, what could be better?


Different Styles On Offer

When it comes to shutters in Enfield, we can offer several different styles, so you can get what you need. No matter what kind of windows you have, you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs.

For example, cafe style shutters cover the bottom half of a window, perfect for tall windows where you still want to let some light in, but need some privacy. Full height shutters cover the entire window, so you can block or open the shutters to let in the light as needed. Tier on tier shutters give you even more control, sop you can open and close them where needed.

Whatever you need, we can make those shutters to order for you. It’s so easy to get the look that you want in your home.


Why Use Us For Your Shutters?

Once you’ve decided you need someone to install shutters in your home, you should come to us at Long Island Shutters. We offer some of the very best made to measure shutters, and we intend to make every customer happy with the service we offer.

That starts right at the initial stages. When you call us, we’ll come and give you a free, no hassle consultation. We’ll quote you for the shutters, and you can decide if you want to work with us. You’ll soon see just how reasonable our prices are.

Once you’ve booked us to fit the shutters, our highly qualified experts will install them quickly, and without fuss. We’ll clean up after too, so the only sign that we were there will be the beautiful new shutters.

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