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Wooden Shutters in Broxbourne

Shutters to keep warmer in Broxbourne
Our company policy is to
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Long Island Shutters are finally here in the picturesque, serene, and blissful town of Broxbourne. Featuring River Lea, historic inns, which stand tall even centuries later, wildlife park, and a golf club, Broxbourne is a small located in the north of London. Long Island shutters bring the final detail for your property to blend right in this beautiful, almost magical town.

Most of the Architecture that defines Broxbourne dates centuries back and gives the town its distinctly classic look. From the Golf and Country club that dates back to the 16th century to the parish church of St Augustine rebuilt in the 15th century, everything makes Broxbourne seem to come into existence out of a fantasy book.

Long Island Shutters offers their best wooden shutters to help your property reach the same standards as the town itself.

High-Quality Wooden Shutters in Broxbourne

Based in Epping, Essex, we share our love with London and the South East. We bring Broxbourne the same love. Wooden shutters in Broxbourne were a thing waiting to happen, and we are here to make it so. We offer a wide range of wooden shutters to meet all the aesthetic and functionality needs. We offer a variety of styles and colors for you to choose from.

Wooden shutters require less maintenance while being robust and durable. They dampen the outside noise while also providing privacy and shade. Different polymers are coated to make the wooden shutters look elegant and long-lasting. Our shutters are fully customizable and can be modified to fit different shapes and sizes. All our ranges are constructed with Mortise and Tenon joints to ensure strength.

Wide Range of Options

We offer a wide range of wooden shutters in Broxbourne constructed from lightweight hardwood, Solid Lime Wood, Laminated Wooden Core, Low-density fiberboard, Marine Grade Stainless Steel hinges, and waterproof hardware. Wooden shutters in Broxbourne can be of different shapes and sizes, and it can be hard to expect the perfect fit for your space, but here at Long Island shutters, there is nothing for you to worry about. We provide all the different styles available in the market. Whether you need Full-height, Tier on tier, Café, or Tracking System styling, we are here to cater to your needs.

Different Styles of Shutters at Your Disposal

Whether you require Arch, Triangle, Sunburst, or Wide Arch shape, we have you covered for wooden shutters in Broxbourne. You can choose from 3 different styles of tilt rod positioning from center Tilt Rod, Internal Mechanism, and Off-Set Tilt Rod as per your needs. We also offer a choice between Bi-fold and full-width shapes depending on the type of space you have.

Contact Us Now!

Cost-effectiveness has been our motto since we started. Our company’s policy is that of “never being beaten on price” while never compromising on our products’ appearance, look, material, and durability. Call us now to get your fix of wooden shutters in Broxbourne.

We cover the whole of Broxbourne, including surrounding areas of Cheshunt, Goff’s Oak, Waltham Cross and Hoddesdon.