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The Language of Shutters – A Glossary

Girl looking out of white wooden shutters

“The shutter language”

It may surprise you to learn that there are many words and phrases relating to the world of shutters. In fact, you could call it ‘shutter language’.

Here is a handy glossary of all words and terms related to shutters to ensure you are up to speed.

Panel – This is the core part of the shutter, and it is rectangular and hinged. They either contain movable or solid slats depending on the shutter’s design.

Mouse Hole – This is an indent in the rails, and the push rod lies here if the slats are closed.

Frame – A shutter frame holds the shutter panels, and this is attached to the window to allow the panels to sit right.

Slats/louvres – These are the rotating and tilting horizontal parts that can be adjusted to let light in or provide privacy. The size and style of slats/louvres vary according to the shutter design and setting.

Rail – Shutters can have a top, middle and bottom rail. A mid-rail provides strength to the shutters and allows the top and bottom louvres to move separately.

Tilt Rods – This includes central tilt rods, clearview tilt rods, offset tilt rods and invisible tilt rods. These are all types of rods that help control the louvres.

Stiles – These vertical rails are placed on both sides of the panel.
64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm – These are the popular slat sizes, all with their own benefits. Discuss your requirements with a shutter specialist, such as Long Island Shutters, to determine the ideal size for your setting.

Hidden split – If shutters are very tall (1300mm or more), they will need a split in the mid-rail to ensure the louvres open and close seamlessly.

Tier on Tier Shutters – These shutters cover the entire window space. They can be opened at the top or the bottom individually or both together, providing a stable appearance and allowing the user to adjust the level of privacy required.

Solid Shutters – Perhaps the most traditional shutter type, these can be partially or completely solid.

Café Shutters – Shutters that cover the bottom half of the window, providing adequate light and privacy.

Full Height Shutters – Shutters covering the whole window, offering a subtle yet stylish look. These open as one piece.

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