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The Best Shutters For Bay Windows

Bay window with white plantation shutters with flowers in foreground

Bay windows are a beautiful feature for your home. Not only do they add space and light to the interior of your home, but they also add character to the outside. Bay windows are an exceptionally wonderful and stylish attraction for a home, and anyone lucky enough to have them will want to make the most of them. Shutters are the ideal way to highlight this feature.

Bay windows came about in the gothic period and became more common in the Victorian and Edwardian times.

Types of bay window

There are several types of bay window, and they will usually have between three and five panels.

Box bay – A box bay window area will have three sides that are flat and in the shape of a rectangle.

Standard-angled – These windows have three sides that are set at an angle. This gives a rounded appearance outside the property.

Multi-angled – These are also referred to as ‘bow windows’ and have extra panels at angles. This gives a rounded appearance outside the property.

Advantages of shutter blinds

Bay windows add style and elegance to a home. They are beautiful for the interior and boost kerb appeal. A room will instantly feel more spacious if it has bay windows. They serve as a fantastic area for window seats or displays.

Shutter blinds are the perfect addition to any bay window area. They provide beauty and privacy in a very stylish way. Good quality shutter blinds, such as those offered by Long Island Shutters, will enhance bay windows. Regular blinds and curtains may detract from the aesthetics of your windows and not show their full potential.

Choosing the style for you home

You can choose from several styles of bespoke shutters to fit your bay windows. A specialist, such as Long Island Shutters, will be able to supply shutters to measure and fit your windows. This covers box, angled, and bow windows. Full-length shutters will give a stylish and clean look that covers the length and breadth of your window space. In rooms such as bedrooms or studies, shade and privacy may be paramount. Louvred panels are designed so they can add light or privacy depending on your requirements.

You may wish to opt for café style shutters. These cover half of the window and allow natural light to flow. These are popular in kitchens and living rooms and provide both light and privacy.

Tier on Tier shutters is a popular choice because they are made of two sets of shutters. They can be opened and closed independently so offer the best of both worlds.

To find out more about the range of shutters we offer at Long Island Shutters, contact us on 01992 524888.