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The Benefits of Wooden Shutters


Wooden Shutters are a stunning feature and have been popular for many years

There are several benefits to investing in beautiful wooden shutters for your property. Some of the main benefits are:

Smart and versatile – Wooden shutters are a smart, neat, complementary addition to window space. They are appealing from both inside and outside of a property. They are wonderfully versatile in that they match beautifully with interior design. Unlike curtains, you are not limited to the same colour and pattern as the rest of your décor, with wooden shutters.

Privacy – Panels and slats enable you to adjust your shutters to suit the level of privacy you require. Unlike curtains, it isn’t simply a case of open or closed. You have complete control over the privacy of your windows.

Light, sound and temperature control – As mentioned above, the panels and slats of wooden shutters enable complete control for the user. This also relates to light, heat and noise. You can adjust your shutters to let in as much or as little light as you wish. Noise can reduce significantly with closed wooden shutters, a particular advantage if you are on a busy road. Close shutters are also a fantastic way to add insulation to your home and shut out drafts.

Timeless and long-lasting – Not only are wooden shutters a timeless feature that compliments any setting, but they are also a durable, long-lasting investment for your property. The high quality wood used will stand the test of time. A shutter specialist, such as Long Island Shutters, will provide a warranty for that extra peace of mind.

Custom made – Wooden shutters are custom made to suit the customer’s setting. They will be measured to fit a specific window space and carefully made to ensure the best size, style and aesthetics are achieved. This personal touch puts wooden shutters a cut above other choices. You can discuss your desired shutters and the space they cover with a shutter specialist, and you may be surprised by the various beautiful options available.

In Summary, wooden shutters are undoubtedly beautiful, stylish, convenient and long-lasting. This makes them a fantastic addition and investment for any setting.

For more information about the range of bespoke shutters we offer at Long Island Shutters, contact us on 01992 524888.