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The Beauty of Wooden Shutters

Bay windows with wooden shutters half way up

Wooden shutters are a stunning feature, with many styles and natural wood finishes to choose from. Every setting would benefit from the addition of beautiful wooden shutters.

Types of Wooden Shutters

Here we look at the different types of wooden shutters available and the unique qualities and benefits of each.

Oak Shutters

Oak is a beautiful wood that works in every room. Oak is available in various tones so that you can choose the perfect wooden shutters for your décor. Golden oak is a timeless wood finish that goes well in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.
Red oak has a warming, rich style for a classic look, while French oak shutters add a subtle yet beautiful natural colour to any room.

Cherry, Teak and Mahogany

Cherry, teak and mahogany woods are perfect for those who love the antique feel, with classic patterns that suit living and dining areas and are also fantastic in formal settings. Cherry, teak and mahogany are classic favourites and are often used in traditional hotel rooms. They add an elegant touch to upholstery and painted settings with neutral tone carpets. These woods are often considered rather luxurious.

Ebony, Walnut and Wenge

Ebony, walnut and wenge wood are contemporary classics. Wenge offers a stunning dark wood finish, as do black and rich walnut and new ebony. Dark wooden shutters set against white living room walls with low furniture are an excellent contemporary look. Dark woods in kitchens and dining areas add a classy and elegant touch. As with all wooden shutters, team them with the right décor and furniture, and you have a luxurious transformation!

Wooden Shutters – Conclusion

Whatever your taste, wooden shutters offer a wealth of class and style. Now you have an idea of the wood finishes available; it is time to look at your setting and décor to determine the best type of wooden shutters for you. Whether your taste is classic or contemporary, wooden shutters come in a fantastic range of finishes to complement your home or business.
Contact a shutter specialist, such as Long Island shutters, to discuss your requirements. Bespoke shutters are designed and fitted for each customer depending on their needs. Shutters are an excellent investment and, with the proper care, will boost the aesthetics, comfort and appeal of a home for years.

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