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copy of solid new zealand premium wooden shutters v2 (1523 x 150 px)
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The Beauty of Bay Window Shutters

6 panels of plantation shutters open in bay window

Bay windows are architectural gems that add character and space to any room, providing panoramic views and flooding your interiors with natural light. However, choosing the right shutters for these distinctive windows can be a challenge due to their unique shapes and angles. Here we explore the three main styles of bay windows—Square Bay, Circular Bay, and Angled Bay—and recommend the best shutter styles to complement each design.

Square Bay Windows

Square bay windows are defined by their geometric precision. They typically consist of three panes with a large central window and two smaller windows at 90-degree angles. This layout creates a boxed appearance that offers a broad and unobstructed view.

Shutter Choice

For square bay windows, plantation shutters are an excellent choice. Their neat lines and adjustable louvre sizes can mirror the clean angles of the window, enhancing the modern look while offering superb light control and privacy. You can choose from full-height or tier-on-tier shutters to match your privacy needs and aesthetic preferences.

Circular Bay Windows

Circular bay windows, also known as bow windows, curve gracefully, adding an elegant softness to the architectural lines of a home. This style usually involves more than three windows set at slight angles to create a rounded effect.

Shutter Choice

Shutters for circular bay windows need to accommodate the gentle arc. Custom-made curved plantation shutters can be designed to follow the window’s contour perfectly. The flexibility of the louvres allows for optimal light control and privacy while maintaining the window’s decorative appeal.

Angled Bay Windows

Angled bay windows are perhaps the most common type, featuring a central window flanked by additional windows at a more acute angle than square bays—usually between 120 to 135 degrees. This style extends a room outward, offering extra floor space and multiple viewing angles.

Shutter Choice

Angled bay windows work well with plantation shutters that can be custom-fitted to each section of the window. These shutters can be individually adjusted to set different angles for each pane, providing flexibility in light and privacy management. The clean lines of the shutters will complement the architectural angles, maintaining a sleek and cohesive look.

Choosing the right shutters for bay windows not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your windows but also maximises their functional benefits. Whether you have a square, circular, or angled bay window, the right shutter style can integrate seamlessly with the design, providing elegance, privacy, and light control. Remember, the key to perfect bay window shutters lies in customisation and precision fitting to ensure that every angle and curve is beautifully covered.