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Soundproofing a Nursery

Child's corner room with shutters

Planning and decorating a nursery can be exciting, particularly if you are awaiting a new arrival. Babies and young children require a lot of sleep for their health and growth; therefore, they must have a comfortable and appropriate place to sleep. A tranquil setting can make the difference between a peaceful slumber and a restless night.

Here we look at how you can ensure your child’s nursery is soundproof and comfortable.

Use the Space

A room that has very little in it becomes echoed and noisy. Fill the room with useful items, such as wardrobes, changing tables, chairs, beanbags and toy boxes. This will help cushion sound. Furniture should be firmly against the walls, and you may wish to hang fabric art from the walls as an extra layer of stylish soundproofing.


Hollow doors will let in a lot of sounds. Investing in solid-core doors is an excellent way of soundproofing your nursery. You can also apply door strips around the edges of the doors if investing in new doors isn’t practical. Door strips stop sounds coming through the gaps and provide a more peaceful environment for your child.

Carpet and Rugs

Floorboards are not your friend if you wish to tip-toe around a room. A room without carpet will have an echo which can easily disrupt sleep. Carpet is a brilliant way of soundproofing a nursery, and you can add some fun, stylish rugs too. Carpet is also kinder to little knees when it comes to the crawling stage and cushions those falls in the toddler years.

Bedroom Shutters

Bedroom shutters have many benefits. Not only are they an elegant, durable and timeless feature, but they also help soundproof a room. Street noise, loud neighbours, road works and weather can all disrupt sleep and investing in bedroom shutters can significantly reduce this risk.

Shutters also allow you to control how much light enters a room. Black-out shutters can provide the perfect setting for those quiet daytime naps. They are also versatile, and when it comes to redecorating your child’s room, they will match any décor choice. Bespoke shutters, such as those offered by Long Island Shutters, come in a range of styles, so you are sure to find the perfect ones for your little one’s room.

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