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Professional Shutter Installers – Why Should you Use One?

Modern dinning room with bay window wooden shutters

Investing in new shutters is a fantastic choice for any home or business. Shutters are a stunning and ageless feature that will complement all settings. If you are buying new shutters, it is best to choose a window shutter installer to fit them. Here we look at the reasons professional shutter fitting is better than installing shutters yourself.

Shutter Installation Explained

If bespoke shutters are fitted incorrectly, it could result in the shutters and fixtures being damaged. This is why it is advisable to have them fitted professionally.

The steps to fitting shutters are as follows: ensure the area is clear, assemble any framework, instal the frame, attach the panels, attach hinges. These steps are the basic instructions, but complex settings may require more work. Arched and bay windows, skylights and conservatories are examples of the more intricate locations that may require specialist installation. Shutters can be fitted to any window type, including uPVC, but it needs to be done with care.

Fitting Shutters Yourself

Attempting to fit shutters yourself could lead to a costly disappointment. Shutters are made with precision joinery methods. This means there are skills required to attach them correctly. You may well be great at DIY, but without professional knowledge and experience, you could damage the shutters or fittings, which could render the warranty invalidated.

Fitting shutters to bay windows or sash windows can be tricky. Learning this skill set may take time, and you must weigh up whether it is worth it just to fit one lot of shutters.

Professional Shutter Installation

Having your beautiful new shutters fitted professionally is the best way to ensure they are fitted quickly, securely and properly. The shutter installer will have the tools and skill set required to fix even the trickiest set-up, leaving you safe in the knowledge your new investment is correctly fitted.

This process is fast and efficient, meaning you can quickly enjoy the benefits of your new shutters. Bespoke shutters are wonderful and definitely worth investing in. Professional installation is the perfect way to incorporate them into your home or office.

Speak with a shutter specialist, such as Long Island Shutters to find out more about shutter installation.

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