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Plantation Shutters or Curtains?

Advantages of Wooden Shutters

Are you struggling to decide between plantation shutters and curtains? Autumn is here, and it brings bright sun but colder days. Controlling sunlight and insulation in your home is more important than ever with the increase in energy bills. Here we look at the key differences between plantation shutters and curtains to help you decide.


Any window covering is better than none; they all help keep the warmth in and the draft at bay. However, shutters are more versatile, so you can keep a level of insulation while still letting in the light. Depending on the shutter style, some slats are thick and durable, and a draft will not get through. Shutters can also help soundproof a room, which is something material curtains cannot accomplish. Shutters get our vote for insulation.

Light Control

Curtains can be open, closed, or slightly open. In contrast, shutters can be adjusted to let in the ideal light to provide optimum comfort. The all-or-nothing results of curtains can cause too much light or a dull setting, but shutters allow the best of both worlds, which is why they win for light control.


Drawing the curtains can stop people peeking in, but it also prevents you from looking out unless you want to peak through the gap. Shutters offer the perfect blend of privacy and visibility as you can adjust the slats. Also, curtains may blow in the wind, something you do not need to worry about with shutters, so you can open the windows while retaining complete privacy.


Have you tried taking curtains down to wash and refit them? It’s fiddly and time-consuming but a necessary job. You can soak them in detergent and cool water, which requires washing and drying; meanwhile, your window is naked! With shutters, you can wipe and dust them; they’re nice and clean. They are also less likely to need repairing as curtains get tugged and grabbed frequently. Another tick for shutters!


Shutters can boost kerb appeal significantly. They are a timeless, stylish feature, and any potential buyers are dawn to homes with shutters. This means they can add value to your home.

Curtains may be a cheaper option, but they are not as durable, versatile or permanent as shutters. We believe shutters are a wiser long-term investment that pays for itself over time. You should also see a decrease in energy bills once shutters are installed. Shutters win on value.

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