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Plantation shutters for loft conversions

White plantation shutters in modern loft space

So, the loft conversion is all finished but have your thought about the right covering for your loft windows? Window dressing your loft window may seem like an afterthought but with the right look, it can really transform a room.

Specially made for you

When it comes to dressing loft windows, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve taken into account the positioning of the window, the angle it’s fitted and the style you are looking to achieve. Many options for dressing a loft window are out of the question when it comes to angles or unconventional shapes. However, plantation shutters for loft conversions are the perfect way to tick all the boxes when it comes to practicality, style and bespoke fitting for any shape or size.


Plantation shutters will provide you with the versatility of light, shade and darkness, all in one simple twist. They also serve as great insulators, to keep a room warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which is ideal for a loft conversion.

Different colours and styles available

Once you’ve decided that plantation shutters really are the best way to dress a window for a loft conversion, a world of colours and styles open up to you. Plantation shutters can be used to create any look, whether it’s ultra-modern, traditional, rustic or something else, depending on the style and colours you choose, all bespoke and made to your specific requirements. Choosing the right colour and style for your loft conversion can be tricky when there’s so much to choose from, but any professional plantation shutter company, like Long Island Shutters, will be able to help and advise customers.

Measuring taken care of

No need to worry about measuring up yourself. All that’s taken care of when you use a professional plantation shutter company to dress your windows. Skilled craftsmen will take exact measurements so that installation will run smoothly, and your plantation shutters are fitted with great care and precision.

Are you looking to have plantation shutters for your loft conversion, or would like advice on choosing colours and styles? If the answer is yes, then please give Long Island Shutters a call on 01992 524 888.