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Plantation Shutters and Curtains – Which are Warmer?

Shutters to keep warmer in Broxbourne

Energy sufficient doors and windows are a must for any property. Whether you are in an old or new building, you will want to ensure maximum insulation. Energy bills are on the rise, and up to 30% of your heating bill can be put down to the loss of heat through doors or windows. Annoying draughts that seep through the cracks cause us to blast the heating costing more money.

So, which option is warmer, plantation shutters or curtains? Here we look at your options and how they can help to heat your property.


Curtains come in many different styles, materials and weights. While it is true that some curtains will retain heat, it would mean having them closed most of the time for maximum results. An option you could consider is using curtains during the warmer months and wooden shutters in the colder months. While curtains can be aesthetically pleasing, they are not always the best at retaining heat. Curtains will also not do much to stop a draught.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are sturdy and energy-efficient. They are able to reduce the loss of heat by up to 50% when closed. Wooden shutters are also highly effective at stopping a draft. Many property owners are opting for plantation shutters over curtains for their heat efficiency as well as their attractive appearance.

Shutters can be designed to suit your needs. This means you have the option of opening the upper or lower parts separately. This will provide both privacy and warmth, which is a win-win situation!

Plantation shutters in the winter months

Fitted interior wooden shutters are designed to prevent heat from escaping and drafts from entering. This means the room temperature will remain comfortable, and the heating will not need to blast every time there is a breeze. Due to the thick, durable material of shutters, they are a warmer option than curtains in the colder months.

So, it is clear that plantation shutters are far more effective at keeping heat inside a property than curtains. Contact a shutter specialist, such as Long Island Shutters to discuss bespoke plantation shutters for your property.

To find out more about the selection of shutters we offer at Long Island Shutters, contact us on 01992 524888.