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How Shutters Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

White wooden shuttters in modern white bedroom

We are all feeling the strain of rising costs, and energy bills are at the top of many people’s concerns with colder months ahead and steep price increases. Here we look at how adding stunning shutters to your home or office can help keep that energy bill down.

Shutters – More Than a Window Dressing

Shutters add style and elegance to any setting and serve as an appealing window dressing. However, did you know there are many more benefits to shutters? They will boost a property’s curb appeal, help with soundproofing and light control, and are long-lasting and durable. But perhaps the most important benefit of all is how they boost insulation.

In the colder months, breezes get in through every gap, decreasing the temperature and comfort of a room significantly. Shutters will add a layer of insulation to prevent draughts and keep the heat in.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

A recent study showed that shutters are the best window dressing for insulation, potentially reducing heat loss by as much as 64%. There are different styles of shutters, all with their unique qualities and some may provide slightly more insulation than others. However, there is no doubt that shutters help to insulate a property.

Bespoke Shutters

Speaking with a shutter specialist, such as Long Island Shutters, is the best way to ensure you get the right shutters for you. Custom-made shutters will fit your window space perfectly, therefore eliminating gaps and potential draughts. You can choose a style to suit your décor or room, with different materials to enable light, sound and heat control. Unlike curtains that loosely hang either open or closed, shutters are tightly fitted to each window space and can be adjusted per your requirements.

Shutters to Insulate Every Room

Custom-made shutters are designed to provide maximum comfort. This makes them an excellent addition to living rooms, offices, nurseries and bedrooms. A comfortable environment will help promote good quality sleep, reduce stress, and keep those energy bills down.

A poorly insulated home could lead to dampness and condensation, and an icy breeze is not healthy or comfortable. Eradicate the draught that spoils your evening film or the chill that stops you from sleeping by investing in timeless, long-lasting shutters.


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