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copy of solid new zealand premium wooden shutters v2 (1523 x 150 px)
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How Plantation Shutters Can Increase The Value of Your Home

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Plantation shutters add an elegant touch to any home, but did you know they can also boost the value and appeal of a property? There are many benefits to plantation shutters, and this makes them a fantastic investment for any homeowner.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Elegance – There’s no denying the elegance that plantation shutters bring. They are a timeless, stylish feature that complements any room. This attracts appeal as the shutters blend with many décor arrangements.

Energy Efficient – These shutters help keep the heat in during colder months while allowing ventilation in the warmer months. You can adjust the light and airflow accordingly, reducing energy bills.

Low Maintenance and Durable – Plantation shutters are easy to clean and maintain and last years when cared for correctly. This makes them a cost-effective choice as the money saved on heating alone soon repays the initial investment. You can easily clean your shutters using a soft cloth or vacuum to remove dust and dirt.

Child Safe – Plantation shutters are child friendly as they are operated by levers rather than strings and chords. This makes them an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms and playrooms. They also fit into any colour scheme, taking a child’s nursery right through to the teen years.

Boosting Value

Plantation shutters can add value to a property due to their beauty and many qualities. They add a wow factor to a setting in a subtle way, helping homes stand out from others lacking in special touches. When a property competes on the market with many others, stylish features such as plantation shutters can add to desirability. Many homebuyers are looking for ways to add insulation to their home, and plantation shutters are a great way of doing that.

These shutters make a great first impression on a visitor, valuer or potential buyer. As plantation shutters are made to fit the window precisely, they show that the home is well cared for and designed. This will boost the value of a property and appeal. You can choose how you use your shutters to complement your home by having them open, closed or tilted. This provides a range of settings for the room, transforming it depending on the time or weather.

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