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Erman’s Kitchen Turkish Restaurant

Ermans Kitchen is a notable Turkish restaurant, nestled within a historic, listed building in the heart of Harlow. While the establishment offers a menu of traditional Turkish dishes reimagined with a contemporary flair, the real enchantment lies in its unique architectural features.

The building’s black shutters are a defining feature that captivates all who visit. These shutters, accented with gold hinges, not only add an element of intrigue to the exterior but also contribute significantly to the restaurant’s luxurious ambiance. The internal mechanisms of these shutters are equally as detailed, showcasing an exquisite blend of function and design.

As patrons dine within the opulent surroundings of Ermans Kitchen in Harlow, they find themselves captivated by the beauty of these shutters. They serve as a testament to the historic charm of the building, adding a touch of sophistication to the dining experience.