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Do You Need Bathroom Shutters?

White Shutters In Bathroom Window.

Interior home decoration is a topic we can go on about a lot, but one topic that’s caught our eye recently is that of installing window shutters in your bathroom. It seems to be a highly debated topic, one that people have diverging opinions about – so we’re here to come up with a satisfying answer once and for all.  Should you or shouldn’t you?

In this article, we’ll share what we at Long Island Shutters have learned in years of home decor experience.


Do you need window shutters in your bathroom?

We think yes! Call us biased, but we don’t think there is a single room inside your home that couldn’t do with a set of shutters. And we’ll show you why. Window shutters come with an impressive list of benefits, regardless of where you install them, and even have some extra perks if put up in the bathroom. Like what?


1.   We all need that extra bit of privacy.

Windows inside the bathroom have been a widely discussed topic ever since they were first invented. Obviously, they pose the problem of privacy. Whether you live inside a house or an apartment, and whether your bathroom is on ground level or not, it still offers easy external access to some of the most private practices, so obviously you’ll want an easy way to shield those from the public eye.

Enter shutters. Sure, you could put up a flimsy curtain, but in the end, that just won’t offer enough privacy. So you’ll need some sort of drape to allow you 100% intimacy inside your own bathroom. However, a full-fledged drape will also eliminate the chance of getting any natural light in, and for many, that’s a drawback. Shutters allow you the best of both worlds, by encouraging natural light, but also privacy.


2.   Shutters offer improved hygiene.

One of the main issues around toilets is that bacteria and grime accumulate in the air. This is why it’s difficult to keep towels inside the bathroom clean, and the same goes for drapes. Shutters, on the other hand, are easier to clean and don’t necessitate being taken down to keep sanitised.


3.   They make it easier to keep the window open.

One of the main reasons you’ll want to install a window in the bathroom is to keep it open, in order to air the room, and prevent too much steam accumulating during showers or baths. As we all know, keeping the window open, but the curtain drawn can be quite a hassle. Keeping the window open behind shutters, on the other hand, is as easy as pie!


At the end of the day, shutters just look better.

We also prefer window shutters in the bathroom from an aesthetic point of view. Since bathroom tiles vary widely in shade, you’ll need to either get a curtain that matches the tiles, or install shutters (as those go well with any color).

What to know more about shutters in the bathroom? Give us a call at Long Island Shutters today!