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Choosing the Right Shutters

Isolated white wooden shutters

Several factors should be considered when you are looking to choose shutters for your home or business. Shutters are a beautiful and versatile feature for any setting and selecting the right style will compliment any room.

Many people choose shutters for front windows as they are aesthetically pleasing from the inside and outside. They also provide privacy and security.

Here we look at the things you need to think about when buying shutters.

Materials – Shutters can be made from several different materials. Examples include Plastic, hardwood, MDF, and polymers. Each material has unique benefits and will be suited to different environments. Things to consider are the temperature and moisture of a room, and the size and shape of a room. Bathrooms, for example, will require waterproof shutters. Larger windows will need more lightweight shutters.

Length – Shutters are available in varying lengths. The length you require will depend on the height of your window area. Options include full height, half-height, café style, and tier on tier.

Function – It is essential to spend some time thinking about the functionality of your shutters. They are a beautiful addition, but they also serve a purpose. The function will likely depend on the room they are required for. You may opt for tier on tier shutters for a bedroom. You should think about how much the shutters will be closed and how much light you wish to have in the room. The size of the window area and the purpose of the shutters will determine what width panel you need. It would be best if you tried to keep the width of the panel consistent and ensure the panel breaks are in line.

Curtains – A combination of shutters and curtains can work wonderfully and compliment your home. This will work as long as the curtains and shutters also complement each other. If the shutter panels are shut, and the louvres are used for light, beautiful curtains will add a soft and stylish finish.

Whether you want stunning shutters to finish off a bedroom renovation, or stylish shutters for your front room, it is important to consider the above facts when choosing the right style for your home.

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