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Can Shutters Fade Over Time?

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At Long Island Shutters, one frequently asked question we encounter is whether shutters are prone to discolouration over time. It’s a pertinent enquiry, particularly for those investing their well-earned money into their home décor. Let’s delve into this concern without skirting around the issue, focusing on how to maintain the pristine condition of your shutters for the long haul.

Quality and Finish Matter

The propensity for shutters to discolour hinges significantly on two principal factors: the shutters’ quality and their finish. At Long Island Shutters, our commitment lies in offering only the highest quality shutters, meticulously crafted from robust materials and finished to perfection. Our adherence to these rigorous manufacturing standards significantly mitigates the risk of discolouration caused by sunlight exposure and the natural ageing process.

Tips for Shutter Maintenance

While the inherent quality of your shutters plays a crucial role in their longevity, regular maintenance is equally vital. Fortunately, keeping your shutters in tip-top shape doesn’t necessitate complex cleaning routines. Here are some straightforward maintenance tips to ensure your shutters remain as lustrous as the day they were installed:

  • Dusting: Accumulated dust can lend a dull sheen over time. A regular wipe-down with a soft cloth will keep them looking immaculate.
  • Cleaning: For cleaning, a mild soap and water solution is recommended. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can compromise the shutters’ finish and colour.
  • Moisture Management: Particularly for wooden shutters, it’s crucial to avoid excessive moisture, which can cause warping and discolouration. Any moisture should be promptly removed. Alternatively, consider our range of waterproof shutters for added peace of mind.
  • UV Protection: For shutters subjected to direct sunlight, implementing measures like window films can diminish the harmful effects of UV rays. It’s worth noting, however, that all our shutters are treated with UV-protective paint to enhance their durability against sun exposure.

The Long Island Shutters Guarantee

We recognise the significance of investing in home décor elements that endure. That’s why we are dedicated to providing shutters that are not only aesthetically appealing but are also designed to stand the test of time. Our shutters are engineered to combat discolouration, ensuring they remain an eye-catching feature in your home for many years.