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Boost the value of your property with shutters

Close-up of white wooden plantation shutters with palm tree plant

Homeowners will always be on the lookout for ways of boosting the value of their property, with many subtle changes enhancing the appeal of a home.

Installing shutters is a fantastic way of doing this.

Here, we look at how investing in shutters can help boost the value and appeal of your home.

Insulation – shutters are great insulators. Long winter months in the UK mean for heftier heating bills, but with shutters installed, you will have increased insulation and therefore reduced bills. Curtains and blinds are a lot thinner and consequently cold air will flow through, but shutters give that extra layer of insulation. This is hugely appealing to potential buyers.

Unique to your home – shutters are a special and beautiful addition because they are custom designed to your property. They are uniquely created to fit the style and function of your home. Curb appeal is a key thing when selling your home, and shutters give that instant ‘wow’ factor. The asking price for your property will reflect this.

Environmentally friendly – we all want to do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. This is important for many people when looking to buy a property. An EPC (energy performance certificate) for a property lets you know the rough cost of energy as well as its estimated carbon dioxide emissions. Window shutters are an effective way of improving your homes EPC rating.

Enhance security – security is a priority when buying a property. However, it is not just cameras and alarm systems that serve as security. Shutters also help to reduce crime for several reasons. They make it harder for anyone passing to see inside you home, to assess who is home and what is inside worth taking. Another reason that shutters help deter crime is that they do not make an easy entrance or exit. Smashing a window and then having to wrestle with shutters will put many criminals off and exiting through windows that have shutters will cause issues.

In summary, shutters are not only a beautiful addition to your home; they will also boost value, appeal, style, and security.

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