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Blinds vs Shutters – What’s the Verdict?

Grey walls in bedroom with dark wooden floor

Blinds and shutters both add a touch of elegance and style to any home. Many people wonder which are better aesthetically and financially, so we have put together some information to help you make the right choice for your windows and doors. A little hint first, though – shutters win! Read on to find out why.

Control the Lighting

Blinds are either open or closed. This makes light control tricky as it’s pretty much all or nothing. However, with shutters, you have complete control over the light entering the room. The slats can be adjusted to ensure you get just the right lighting. They can also stay firmly shut, leaving you in peaceful darkness.


As with the lighting, shutters provide complete privacy. Blinds may move in a breeze or have gaps at the side, but shutters are made to fit your window area perfectly.

Insulation and Soundproofing

The exact fit of shutters means they keep heat in and draughts out. This helps provide a comfortable temperature and keeps the energy bills down. They also help reduce noise and are a great way of soundproofing a room. Blinds can help with insulation and soundproofing but are not as effective as shutters.

Low Maintenance

Paper and fabric blinds are a nuisance to clean, whereas shutters are relatively low maintenance. You can clean shutters with a damp cloth – quick and easy! They are also more durable.

Enhance the Value

Did you know that bespoke fitted shutters can increase the appeal and value of your home? They last many years and are very aesthetically pleasing, which makes them an eye-catcher for guests and potential buyers. While blinds can look very elegant, they do not offer the same long-term appeal.


Shutters are highly versatile and come in a vast range of styles, colours and textures. This means you are sure to find the ideal shutters for your setting. Blinds are slightly more generic with fewer customisable options. Whether you have a large or small window or modern or traditional taste, bespoke shutters made by a specialist such as Long Island Shutters are the perfect addition to any home.

While blinds and shutters both have their qualities and appeal, shutters win every time.

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