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copy of solid new zealand premium wooden shutters v2 (1523 x 150 px)
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Adding a Valance to Plantation Shutters


Plantation shutters have long been cherished for their elegant functionality, and their appeal has only intensified with the resurgence of traditional aesthetics in contemporary homes. Window valances, which peaked in popularity during the Victorian era, are experiencing a renaissance of their own, bringing a sense of heritage and sophistication to modern interiors. These classic window dressings are particularly striking when paired with the stately presence of tall windows, where they contribute an additional layer of texture, warmth, and visual softness.

At Long Island Shutters, located in the heart of Essex, we frequently encounter queries about the compatibility of valances with interior shutters. The good news is that a valance can indeed be an exquisite complement to your plantation shutters, provided the pairing is chosen judiciously to enhance the charm and elegance of your window dressing.

When contemplating the integration of a valance with your plantation shutters, consider the following:

Installation Harmony

It’s essential to consult with our Design Consultants to ascertain the feasibility of mounting a valance above your shutters. The right installation approach will ensure that the valance does not hinder the functionality of the shutters.

Size and Style Synergy

Selecting a valance that harmonises with the aesthetic of the plantation shutters and your room’s decor is crucial. Whether you favour a sleek, tailored valance to echo the clean lines of your shutters or a patterned design to add a dash of vibrancy, the combination should feel intentional and cohesive.

Versatile Mounting Options

We offer versatile valance mounting options, such as inside or outside mounts, which can dramatically alter the interplay between the valance, shutters, and the window space. Rest assured, our shutters can be fitted both inside and outside the window recess, accommodating your preference.

Sufficient Clearance

There must be adequate space between the shutters and the valance to maintain the shutters’ operability.

Coordinated Colour and Material Palette

A harmonious blend of colours and materials across your valance, shutters, and room décor can create a seamlessly stylish space. With our extensive selection of shutter colours and finishes, and even a colour-matching service, you will find the perfect fit for your aesthetic vision.

Decorative versus Functional

While plantation shutters already afford superb control over light and privacy, a valance may primarily serve a decorative purpose, enhancing the overall allure of the room without adding functional benefits.

The inclusion of a valance with your plantation shutters is a matter of personal taste and design aspiration. When executed with care, this combination can evoke a refined and complete look, transforming your windows into a statement feature of your home. For further inspiration on window dressing, visit our installations and inspiration galleries.

Discover the potential of plantation shutters and valances to elevate your home’s interior at Long Island Shutters, where timeless design meets modern living.