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4 ways to keeping your shutters clean

Kitchen sink next to with white plantation shutters

Once your shutters are installed, you’ll want to keep them clean and looking like new. Cleaning shutters is very easy, especially compared to curtains or trying to dust and clean blinds. Gone are the days of taking curtains down off the pole and dropping them off at the dry cleaners or attempting to wipe a surface that kinks and bends every time you put pressure on it.

For low maintenance, easy ways to clean your plantation shutters follow our simple steps.

Remove dust

Each slat will need a dry duster run along them to remove dirt and dust build-up. Microfibre cloths are recommended if you can reach your shutters. You may want to invest in an extendable feather duster if your slats are a little out of reach. Slatted blind cleaners can be used for shutters as they can clean several shutter slats at once if you prefer this method.

To achieve the best results and keep shutters as clean as possible, dusting slats top and bottom is advised.

The hoover option

The hoover can be a great way of removing dust and dirt but be careful not to scratch the wood. Avoid the metal end and opt for the soft brush nozzle attachment, to prevent any chips or scratches happening during the cleaning process.

Damp cloth treatment

Over time your shutters may be exposed to the odd sticky drink splash or dirty fingerprints. These are all easily removed with a damp cloth. Remove stains with a gentle wipe with a slightly damp cloth and ensure the area is also dried after. Moisture left on the shutters for a period of time could have a damaging effect on the wood. Waterproof Polyvinyl Shutters are more forgiving and will be more resilient against water and spillages.

Touch up with paint

Your shutters can be touched up with a small dab of paint if need be. The company that installed your shutters will provide a small pot, in the colour required, for any stains or mishaps that can’t be rectified through other cleaning methods.

We hope that these cleaning tips have been helpful and if you are considering shutters in your property, home or premises then please contact us on 01992 524 888 or email:

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