Our Ranges & Styles

With Long Island Shutters getting the perfect shutters for your windows is easy. Our extensive range coupled with the many possible style configurations means you can get the shutters you want.

Our experienced surveyors will cover all possibilities during a site survey but for now please use the information below to get a glimpse into some of the possibilities.

For more information or to request a survey please call 01992 524 888 or Click here to Request a Survey Online.

Our Ranges

The Seattle Range

An engineered product constructed from an LVL core, LDF outer body and polymore coated in a choice of five shades of white, in extremely durable finishes.

The Georgia Range

The Georgia Range is another engineered product that is very strong, rigid and light.

The Boston Range

Crafted from solid Lime wood, Boston is a competively priced hardwood and a popular material for shutters.

The Boston Premium Range

Also crafted from Solid Lime Wood this range is available in special shapes and many more colours.

The Phoenix Range

Phoenix hardwood is verly light in colour and weight making it ideal for shutters.

The Carolina FSC Range

Our Carolina FSC shutters are made from White Teak, a very robust and high quality hardwoord, with an engineered core.

New Hollywood

Ideal for harsh enviroments such as wet rooms or showers, anywhere that needs a tough but good looking window treatment that will last.

Shapes & Styles

Interested in how your shutters will cover your windows ? We provide Cafe Style, Tier on Tier, Full Length and Special Shapes. Looking for a custom style ? Why not call our team for more information.

Door & Tilt Rod Options

Customise how you can open and close the doors with our full width or bi-fold options. Whether your looking for a single or multiple bi folds, depending on door width we can make it possible.

The tilt rod is the section of the shutter that is used to control the opening and closing. If you dont like the look of the standard centre tilt rod why not go hidden or off set?

Colour Options

Looking for a certain colour to tie in perfectly to your room ? Across our shutter range we a vast array of colours and wood grains available .

Cant see the colour your looking for below ? We have a bespoke custom colour service, please contact our team for more information.

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Other Options

Wood Stains

Farrow & Ball